Position Overview

The Assistant Swim Teacher is an outgoing, caring individual who loves to work with children, youth, adults and families. A dynamic and forward thinking individual who works closely with their peers, following Seal Swimming's curriculum and embodying the mission, vision and values of the company.

Assistant Swim Teachers are responsible for supporting the delivery of Seal Swimming’s programs in adherence to the company's Core Values. Some administrative duties will be assigned and this position will report to the Operations Manager.


The Position shall be measured against successful execution of tasks and responsibilities which include but may not be limited to the following:

  1. Customer Service

    1. Greets, acknowledges, engages and interacts with clients as appropriate.
    2. Initiates, develops and maintains positive relationships with clients at all times.
    3. Represents Seal Swimming's team with positivity and enthusiasm at all times.
    4. Quickly and efficiently directs client questions, comments and/or concerns to the Mentor Teacher.
    5. Deliver pertinent feedback and comments from clients to the Shift Lead.
  2. Program Delivery

    1. Support the Mentor Teacher in applying teaching strategies designed to encourage students to excel, set goals and strive to reach their full potential.
    2. Support the Mentor Teacher in delivering Seal Swimming’s classes and curriculum in a professional, punctual and ethical manner.
    3. Assist team members in the set up and take down of the pool teaching environment.
    4. Create an educational, safe and inviting experience for all students.
    5. Assist in providing all students with well-rounded, safety-focused instruction aimed at helping them develop a sense of reward, discipline, and perseverance in accordance with Seal Swimming’s Core Values.
    6. Seek assistance and support from the Mentor Teacher in the provision of technical expertise on basic swimming skills, stroke improvement, swim starts, turns and finishes.
    7. Seek familiarity with the latest tools, techniques and advances in swimming and swim training through continuing education and internal staff training.

  3. Safety Supervision

    1. Assume responsibility for the safety of swimmers during supervised activities.
    2. Maintain a safe, clean and organized pool area.
    3. Comply with safety rules and regulations.
    4. Diligently prevent emergencies from occurring and respond to situations as necessary.
    5. Care for injuries, sudden illnesses and other emergency medical occurrences in accordance with training.
    6. Use all required safety devices and personal protective equipment.
    7. Report accidents and injuries to Shift Lead as soon as possible in accordance with Seal Swimming’s policies and procedures.
    8. Participate in regular safety training and internal safety audits.

  4. Administration

    1. Understand and help deliver lesson plans and work schemes for assigned classes.
    2. Learn to recognize and record swimmer progressions, complete skills assessments and progress reports for all students.
    3. Assist the Shift Lead in attendance tracking on each shift, making note of any ongoing absences, as required.
  5. Other

    1. Performs additional duties as assigned by Management.

Key Qualifications

  • Emergency First Aid & CPR B
  • Assistant Lifeguard (i.e. Bronze Cross) and be working towards National Lifeguard certification.
  • Working towards completion of Swim Teacher Pro