The Lifeguard is an outgoing, friendly individual who loves to work with children, youth, adults and families. A dynamic and forward thinking individual who works closely with their peers, following Seal Swimming's curriculum and embodying the mission, vision and values of the company.

Lifeguards supervise all functions of the pool and are directly responsible for the health and safety of its users. Some administrative duties will be assigned and this position will report to the Operations Manager.


The Position shall be measured against successful execution of tasks and responsibilities which include but may not be limited to the following:

  1. Customer Service

    1. Greets, acknowledges, engages and interacts with clients at all times.
    2. Supervise the pool and changing areas of the facility.
    3. Initiates, develops and maintains positive relationships with clients.
    4. Represents Seal Swimming's team with positivity and enthusiasm.
    5. Respond to client questions regarding Seal Swimming's programs, policies and procedures.
    6. Quickly and efficiently responds to client questions, comments and/or concerns.
    7. Deliver feedback and comments from the clients and students to the Aquatics Manager.

  2. Safety Supervision

    1. Ensure and maintain the health, hygiene and safety of all pool users.
    2. Enforce pool rules in accordance with the Ontario Regulation of Public Pools in a caring and friendly manner.
    3. Diligently prevent emergencies from occurring and respond to situations as necessary.
    4. Care for injuries, sudden illnesses and other emergency medical occurrences in accordance with training.
    5. Complete cleaning tasks and record keeping as required.
    6. Maintain a safe, clean and organized pool area.
    7. Use all required safety devices and personal protective equipment.
    8. Assume responsibility for the safety of swimmers during supervised activities.
    9. Comply with safety rules and regulations.
  3. Administration

    1. Report accidents and injuries to supervisor as soon as possible.
    2. Participate in safety training and safety inspections.
    3. Record swimmer notes and progress logs for use by substitute staff in the event of an absence or shift swap.
  4. Other

Performs additional duties as assigned by Management.

Key Qualifications

  • Standard First Aid & CPR C
  • Lifesaving Instructor
  • National Lifeguard

Success Traits

The incumbent shall be measured against required success traits which include but may not be limited to the following:


  • Looks for and takes action to make a contribution to Seal rather than being asked or passively accepting situations.
  • Does more than is required. Digs deep and questions the process.
  • Offers new ways of working or solving problems over and above what is expected.
  • Looks for and takes opportunities for development and to improve performance.
  • Anticipates future opportunities and challenges.
  • Seeks out additional responsibilities and learning opportunities.


  • Thoughtful and intentional when making decisions.
  • Eager to dedicate the time and effort to work, to bring the most value to the role.
  • Establishes a high level of professionalism and embodies a strong work ethic.
  • Embraces constructive feedback to enhance skills and performance.
  • Demonstrates leadership abilities and shows determination towards professional development.


  • Approaches the goals of the position with fervor.
  • Excited when completing tasks successfully.
  • Maintains excellent work ethic and submits high-quality work.
  • Thoughtful and confident when taking risks necessary for success.